Who am I?

\An Iron-Bred Metalhead/

If you know me, you know I use the above term a lot and take it seriously. I was born into heavy metal - raised by a mother and father who share a wide range of rock and metal influence between the two of them. A soundtrack of my childhood would mostly consist of Pantera, Led Zeppelin, Godsmack, Black Sabbath, Nine Inch Nails, KoRn, Tool, and Avenged Sevenfold. Of course my musical interests are not limited to the aforementioned bands. In addition to favoring a wide variety of other rock and metal acts (notably System of a Down, Avatar, Devin Townsend, and Mellowdrone), I enjoy studying, listening to, and experimenting with almost all genres of music. Well-roundedness is a trait I have always pursued in all things I commit to - from rocking the stage to walking the hallowed halls of academia. However, music of any style always serves the same greater purpose for my heart and mind: it becomes the iron in my blood. It fuels my desire to live and breathe heavy metal.

What do I do?

I'm a guitarist, composer, producer, performer, video editor, post-production supervisor, graphic designer, proud academic, and a hard worker. I live in New Orleans, LA and am a graduate of Loyola University with a BS in Popular & Commercial Music. The stage is my home, and the spotlight is my favorite place in the world to be. I have extensive experience gigging and playing a leadership role in various bands, most notably in my latest endeavors with three fully original bands based in New Orleans: Fighting for Frequency, Spylights, and Deadsled Funeral Company. In addition to my continual collaborative and solo compositions for these acts, I am known to assist others in song writing, production, and recording and am seeking to do this more often on a professional level. Check out my Fiverr page where I cohesively and coherently offer the above services in addition to session/recording guitarist work, guitar TAB transcription, video editing, graphic design, and composition services. Please contact me directly via email at randonladner@gmail.com if you have any questions regarding these services or wish to make an independent offer to collaborate and/or utilize said services!

I am currently seeking to join a pre-existing, currently active, & professionally touring/performing rock/metal act! If you are hiring/in need of a lead guitarist for your band to gig, please contact me at the email above. I'll be the Randy to your Ozzy! \m/


Date Venue Details
05/11/22 New Orleans, LA Randon Ladner ft. F4F
05/27/22 New Orleans, LA / Carnaval Lounge Deadsled Funeral Company
06/07/22 New Orleans, LA / Gasa Gasa Deadsled Funeral Company
06/11/22 Baton Rouge, LA Deadsled Funeral Company

While you wait to catch me at the next live show, here's my latest YouTube video:

AVATAR - Scream Until You Wake (Full Guitar Cover)

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